Cross Media Consultancy is here to help you develop a progressive approach to your marketing process, to really visualize your strategies and become better at what you do today in order to be more profitable in your business tomorrow. We offer four main areas of service:


CrossCheck works with you to analyze your business needs for the future and implement strategies to move you toward your goals. Whether you want to enter a new market sector, create an e-commerce strategy, grow your business faster, or develop a personalized sales and marketing plan for true loyalty-fostering, we will work alongside you to make sure you have the best software, the best team and the best plans in place to deliver the long term growth you expect.

  • Evaluating business needs and goals
  • Understanding skill sets and resources
  • Identifying possible solutions, products and partnerships
  • Implementing a strategy and associated budgets
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CrossSell is all about developing successful sales strategies for selling cross media and integrated cross media campaigns. For many this is the most difficult part of the whole process. Putting strong strategies in place will ensure that success is given the best possible chance. The focus here is on looking at the skills and approaches that you already have, and the clients that you have and want. This can ideally work in conjunction with CrossCheck.

  • Working directly alongside your sales teams
  • Help to position what is possible and what is not with the technology
  • Working to develop ideas, concepts and identify customers and clients
  • Working to position effective pricing strategies
  • Help to formulate sales and presentation strategies
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CrossDeliver helps to solve the conundrum posed when you are looking to develop and deliver cross media campaigns while you don’t actually have the ability to deliver. The plan here is to use CrossDeliver in conjunction with other strategies to successfully sell the concepts into clients, but then to utilise shared resources to deliver the campaign live. All the while exposing you to the methodologies used to deliver and track the results.

  • Working directly alongside you and your teams
  • Helping where needed to develop all aspects of the campaign
  • Successfully removing the headache of implementing and running the campaign
  • Implementing efficiencies to ensure optimum operation
  • Showing you how to report, analyse and present the results.
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CrossTrain is all about the skill sets that you have in place, how they are deployed and working together. We look at the skills gaps, put strategies in place in to fill them and make the process of delivering successful campaigns a breeze. This could mean looking internally at available resources or recruiting new people into the organisation. If recruitment is an option then we can help to find and train them on the way in, getting you up to speed as quickly as possible.

  • Identify skills gaps
  • Evaluate how the team are already working
  • Possibly look to recruit new people into the organisation
  • Develop training strategies
  • Deploy interactive training to achieve fast results.
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