Looking for variable data publishing help?

InfoTrends forecasts the retail value of colour variable print data will grow from $10.3 billion in 2011 to $18.6 billion in 2016. To match that VDP software has come a long way and now allows print service providers to compete on customer experience above price. Real value can created in the minds of the recipients through the effective merging of data, business rules and logic and design. However not everything is as straight forward as [...]

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Considering an investment in a cross-media solution?

If you are one of the many visitors to drupa looking for independent knowledgable advice on how to exploit the cross-media (customer communication management) arena, then look no further? You are probably back in your office trying to understand all the information you were given by the different suppliers, while being surrounded by brochures and marketing literature trying to decide what to do next. Taking a step into cross-media marketing as a printer almost certainly [...]

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Has XMPie just changed the Cross Media game?

Back in early September XMPie released a press release entitled, " XMPie’s New Architecture for Digital Media Personalization Breaks New Ground in Multichannel Communications" (link) which introduced PersonalEffect v8.0 to the world. I like many others read the press release but was actually known the wiser as to what had been released, which was somewhat frustrating but understandable as this was released at GraphExpo and before PersonalEffect v8.0 actually was released. However, I have now managed [...]

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Adobe InDesign Javascript – Remove All Bookmarks

Recently while working on a dynamic template I noticed that things had got a little out of control on the Bookmark front and InDesign was crashing while trying to display the Bookmarks window. Subsequently found that this was because through the course of constantly updating the table of contents I had amassed over 75,000 bookmarks! Something was needed, so I wrote a small JavaScript for InDesign to systematically remove them all. main(); function main [...]

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Multi-channel marketing communications – Value sells not technology

The terms 'cross media marketing' or 'multi-channel marketing' is without any doubt driven by data and technology but only from a suppliers perspective - not from a client's. We need to remember that when marketing these services to potential clients we don't focus on the 'how' but more on the 'why'. As a client, I really don't care what technology you have. Yes you might have spent a small fortune on the latest printer or [...]

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Check your brand like you would your bank balance

We all like to keep a close eye on our bank accounts. We like to know what's coming in, what's going out and checking for any anomalies. I agree that some do it more regularly than others but at the end of the day it shows us our 'worth' and in what 'state' we are. Now, in todays market as everyone looks to engage with businesses online why are we not doing the same with [...]

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Adding a clickable link to the logo image in uStore

For those that are using XMPie's uStore and want to allow the store's logo image to be clickable then this is a nice way to achieve that goal. By using jQuery we can easily wrap an <A HREF="" /> tag around the image, which is actually being placed via a background CSS image reference. jQuery( document ).ready(function( $ ) { $( "#logo" ).wrap( "<a href='' />"); }); This code can be injected in [...]

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Removing invalid email addresses in Excel

Question: How do you go about removing invalid email addresses in Excel? I regularly receive CSV, and XLS files from customers that are to be used within multi-channel campaigns. Any amount of invalid emails that sneak through is a bad thing. So one of the quick things that I now do is highlight and remove the invalid email address from the source data. The quickest way of this is through Excel and the use of [...]

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Dynamic Dial Customisation in XMPie uStore with JQuery

I've been working on a few XMPie uStore implementations recently, which is all good. What I have found is that although the user experience is pretty good, the customisation steps can be quite restricted. For example I recently had a template setup for 'Opening Hours' in which you could opt to use the same opening hours for all the days as well selecting if the store was open on a Saturday and if so enter [...]

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Now is the chance to limber up with cross media

Making a success of your business is not easy, we all know that. The skills might not be there, the knowledge of what can be done or even the desire to make the change. It's also no surprise that customers are not banging your door down as they have yet to be fully educated as to what can be done, or even that you might be able to offer cross media services. However now is [...]

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