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Cross Media 2013

Dates: 23rd - 24th October 2013 Location: Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N1 0QH The Power of Cross-Platform Publishing at Cross Media 2013 From commercial publishing to document management systems publishing across multiple platforms is a complex and time consuming process. Throw digital innovation, online, mobile and tablets into the mix and it becomes a tricky balancing act for even the wiliest of publishers. If you’re looking for inspiration and answers [...]

By |September 12th, 2013|Business Development, Consultancy|1 Comment

Break Through the Walls and Develop Relationships

Too many organisations that have the capacity to deliver multi-channel or cross media campaigns are stuck behind their brick walls. Finding work and developing customer relationships are hard, there's no doubting that. However I keep seeing examples of organisations that are delivering these campaigns, good campaigns, but treating them as a 'job'. a one off. Where they have relationships with the agencies and the marketing teams then the focus should also be about breaking down [...]

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Success for Latcham and Time Magazines

It's always great to hear about successes in the cross media marketing, and this is a nice one. Latcham Direct, in Bristol have succeeded in delivering a well received cross media campaign, focussed on delivering improved subscriber rates for Time Magazine across Europe. In what is common place, the client was unsure about how a targeted marketing campaign, using multiple media channels would work. When pitching and looking to deliver a test campaign to secure [...]

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Increasing Print Interaction Through Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) was a whole new area of excitement back in the nineties when I was going through University - but at that time it was all about virtual reality and how that could be delivered. Right now, there's a real surge happening around AR technologies focused on print interaction. While print has, in the main being a static medium of communication this is now changing thanks, in a large part by the uptake [...]

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Could you be sued for using a QR Code?

I've been a long advocator of the use of QR Codes within marketing campaigns. Their simplicity, yet powerful applications mean that they are fantastic at delivering a customer experience from a simple piece of print. However, talking to another industry consultant today and from reading the various articles online it seems like there are various lawsuits out against companies for the use of them. Essentially QR Code company NeoMedia have instigated cases against companies for [...]

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Personalised Video is the Rightful Heir to the Throne

It was Tamara Gaffney, a senior marketing manager for Adobe Digital Index, that recently said that "If content is the king, then video is the heir to the throne". This is undeniably true. Spend on digital video within marketing campaigns is on the rise with over three quarters of marketers increasing their video budgets YOY. The way in which video has been consumed has also changed thanks to the tablet-generation. Marketers have also realised that ad placement in [...]

By |June 26th, 2013|Business Development, Consultancy, News|0 Comments

New to Cross Media – Now What?

I was with a client last week who has newly acquired the capabilities of delivering cross media campaigns into their business. Whilst this is great step forward, it's also a scary path to start on. The first question of the meeting was: So, Dave, now that we have all this what do we do now? It's a very good question and one that needs to be addressed quickly and with as much top-level focus as [...]

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Where is print in the digital marketing space?

I am just in the process of reading through the latest and detailed Experian report, "The 2013 Digital Marketer Report" - and whilst it looks very insightful I am concerned that the word 'print' appears a total of 3 times across of 185 pages (4 if you count 'footprint'!). The report states: This year’s most important — and challenging — imperative is for marketers to truly demonstrate their customer obsession by synthesizing disparate data trails and [...]

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Get the best from your investment in XMPie

OK, so I might be biased, and many would argue that I am, but XMPie is one of, if not the best tool on this planet for delivering cross media communications. It's also a hugely powerful tool for delivering variable data printing (highly personalised and relevant printed pieces), as well as a mature web-2-print platform. It's also a tool that suffers from it's own innovative success; but in many ways this is a good thing. Over the [...]

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Impressive personalised video campaign by AMV BBDO for Mobil 1

UK based communications agency AMV BBDO is gaining traction with a multi-channel campaign for Mobil 1. The campaign promoting a competition to win VIP behind-the-scenes access to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. Imagine a world where you get to rub shoulders the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes pit crew and gain access to exclusive views of the car... In this exciting competition, Mobil 1 invites you to create your own personalised video that will take [...]

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