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Adding a clickable link to the logo image in uStore

For those that are using XMPie's uStore and want to allow the store's logo image to be clickable then this is a nice way to achieve that goal. By using jQuery we can easily wrap an <A HREF="" /> tag around the image, which is actually being placed via a background CSS image reference. jQuery( document ).ready(function( $ ) { $( "#logo" ).wrap( "<a href='http://www.mywebsite.com' />"); }); This code can be injected in [...]

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Removing invalid email addresses in Excel

Question: How do you go about removing invalid email addresses in Excel? I regularly receive CSV, and XLS files from customers that are to be used within multi-channel campaigns. Any amount of invalid emails that sneak through is a bad thing. So one of the quick things that I now do is highlight and remove the invalid email address from the source data. The quickest way of this is through Excel and the use of [...]

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Print Solutions Drive Engagement With Personalised Covers and Maps

This month's issue of Print Solutions (No. 10 - Raising Print With HP) which landed on my desk this morning is an impressive and innovative one. What was really impressive was the use of the personalised back cover promoting an event at HP's offices. The innovative element was a personalised map showing the journey between my office address and the HP office. The use of personalised maps within direct marketing is an increasing trend and [...]

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Dynamic Dial Customisation in XMPie uStore with JQuery

I've been working on a few XMPie uStore implementations recently, which is all good. What I have found is that although the user experience is pretty good, the customisation steps can be quite restricted. For example I recently had a template setup for 'Opening Hours' in which you could opt to use the same opening hours for all the days as well selecting if the store was open on a Saturday and if so enter [...]

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locr Expands Distribution Efforts in the UK

Company adds sales resources to support demand for personalized maps and geo-information services Braunschweig, Germany  – May 6, 2014  -  locr, (maps.locr.com) the world’s leading provider of personalized maps and geolocation services, announces that they have expanded their sales and marketing efforts in the UK. David Baldaro, Managing Director of Cross Media Consultancy, has been hired to represent locr’s product range in the UK and Ireland. locr offers personalized maps that can be integrated into [...]

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Day 1 – Cross Media Production 2014

Well day one of the Cross Media Production show in ExCel in London today, and my first visit to the new look IPEX 2014 - a new location and a new format. As for the location I personally don't think that it works as well as the NEC but then that might be because the NEC is just more accessible and local to me! 4 hours of travelling to get there did not put me [...]

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Now is the chance to limber up with cross media

Making a success of your business is not easy, we all know that. The skills might not be there, the knowledge of what can be done or even the desire to make the change. It's also no surprise that customers are not banging your door down as they have yet to be fully educated as to what can be done, or even that you might be able to offer cross media services. However now is [...]

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Getting on the Cross Media journey with Software as a managed Service (SaaMS)

One of the exciting propositions at the Cross Media show this week was the proposition not being offered by UK organisation, Flyte (http://www.flyte.co.uk/). Many of those looking at entering the Cross Media publishing space struggle with the decision over whether to invest in the software BEFORE they have a customer on board, or wait. The risk of waiting until that customer is onboard is a good decision, but also makes it hard to convince the [...]

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Making print interactive with DocuMobi

One of the interesting and innovative companies at Cross Media 2013 is DocuMobi where print recognition is being easily tied together with cross media campaigns. Essentially through the mobile app any photo, or in this case photo of a printed piece can easily be scanned, recognised and linked into an online interactive campaign. Tie that process together with the subsequent analytics and the recognition of geo-locational data and you have the potential of some very [...]

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What Cross Media Providers Are Asking – How Can I Help?

Over the past few months since starting up as a Cross Media Consultant I have chatted with and visited customers and I keep leaving with the same headlines in my notes: We really need to know what we have, and what it can do Let's face it, technology moves, and software at a rate faster than most. For many customer's that have the capability to produce integrated cross media campaigns without constant use, growth and [...]

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