If you are one of the many visitors to drupa looking for independent knowledgable advice on how to exploit the cross-media (customer communication management) arena, then look no further?

You are probably back in your office trying to understand all the information you were given by the different suppliers, while being surrounded by brochures and marketing literature trying to decide what to do next.

Taking a step into cross-media marketing as a printer almost certainly requires help, and becoming proficient at selling cross-media services requires a consultative approach – which may need training to achieve, because convincing the customer, building the relationship and identifying the customer’s challenges and goals are both new and not easy. The decision in which software platform to invest in is only the start of a long journey.

Cross Media Consultancy has 12 years of success within the cross-media marketplace from selling solutions into service providers, to supporting providers in selling into clients. We can provide a refreshing, informative and independent approach to help your decision making. With no direct ties to any vendor in the marketplace we can help you identify the opportunities, assess the market and solutions and help justify the costs and resources.

If we can help then why not schedule a meeting by getting in contact.