The terms ‘cross media marketing’ or ‘multi-channel marketing’ is without any doubt driven by data and technology but only from a suppliers perspective – not from a client’s. We need to remember that when marketing these services to potential clients we don’t focus on the ‘how’ but more on the ‘why’.

As a client, I really don’t care what technology you have. Yes you might have spent a small fortune on the latest printer or software but that is irrelevant to me. What’s relevant to me is what will it do for me for my bottom-line or my customers. In the same way we promote getting the right message to the right customer at the time, we need to do the same when promoting the technology.

What we need to ensure is that our marketing is demonstrating ‘value’ and ‘efficiencies’ that will result in a quantifiable return of my marketing investment.

Take a look at your last marketing campaign to attract attention, grow your leads or educate your clients and ask the simple question, “Have I clearly and precisely demonstrated to a prospective client that I can offer them a better way of working, with clear examples of how they can use my technology – without focusing on the ‘how’?”

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