Cross Media Consultancy recognizes that the key driver to success in business is the cultivation of a loyal customer-base and the growth in revenue that this naturally achieves. The only way to acquire and retain these loyal customers is by developing a progressive communications-based relationship with them. This doesn’t mean simply sending them a newsletter once a month, or ongoing outbound marketing!

Truly understanding clients and developing meaningful customer-facing propositions that actually meet their needs and expectations is not a simple process. Delivering the right message, at the right time, using the right media, to the right customer-type, takes the expert accumulation of data, technology, design and process. This is where Cross Media Consultancy can help.

Jump start you cross media and VDP campaign with expert advice and support

Cross Media Consultancy

Cross Media Consultancy

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“David helped XMPie start its business in the UK, and he did it very well, enabling sales of quite a few high-end / high-value systems. He has a unique blend of being a technology savvy and a sales-oriented individual. David was a trusted adviser to his customers, and he also lives on the leading edge of what technology can provide for sales and marketing. David’s knowledge, experience, and technology-savvy nature will serve him well in any marketing or sales role.
Jacob Aizikowitz, President, XMPie
“David has a fresh and energising approach as a supplier to the ever changing world of VDP and digital comms. His experience and skills enable him to quickly identify opportunities for process improvement or product innovation. He has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with and is an asset to his organisation and peer base.”
Aaron Archer, PurePrint Group
“Dave is one of an extremely rare breed; being both technical and business savvy, he brings a lot to any table. He has been instrumental in making XMPie a success in the UK, and personally I enjoy working with him a great deal. A real asset to the team; a joy to work with any day of the week.”
Tim Perrett